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Protection from the Harmful Effects of Electro-Magnetic Radiation

We must never be complacent about the potentially harmful effects to our health, of electro-magnetic radiation from sources such as cell phones, WiFi, G5, and electrical devices in our homes and community. Without us knowing, there could be potential damage happening to our bodies.  But the good news is that there are solutions in the form of protection products. 

Cell Phones/Cordless Phones/ WiFi/ 5G

In 1992 I attended a continuing education course on healthy homes, which highlighted the dangers of cell phones and other electrical appliances around the home. The lecturer measured the radiation from a cell phone of the day while it was in use, and his comment was “they cook your brain”.  I vowed that I would never have a cell phone. 
Unfortunately without realizing the danger, I had already bought an early model cordless phone. It was so strong that I could walk down the street with the phone and still have a conversation. 
About five years later I was diagnosed by a naturopath as having radiation sickness because of the over exposure to the cordless phone radiation.   I now know that cordless phones can be at least as damaging as cell phones because we tend to use cordless phones for much longer periods than we use cell phones.
 After much research, natural remedies, and use of protection products including a Radi-Safe phone button, I now feel that I am better protected. (See below for details about products).     I still mostly use a corded phone (some will remember what that is) but I have conceded to the use of a cell phone, just a very basic cell phone, and only when there is no other option. When I call, I use the speaker, as I only need to have a cell phone to my ear for a short time before getting ear ache.  When this happens I reach immediately for the essential oil Peppermint and smear it around my ear, to ease the burning.
If you want to learn more about possible links between cell phones and cancer, read the articles on this page:

Right now there is much discussion about the possible harmful effects of increasing the cell phone wireless technology to 5G.  Here is a short video on some aspects of 5G.   More About 5G

Electrical appliances in the home and office.

There are so many electrical devices around the modern home - one cannot escape the radiation from these devices.  Computers, wireless modems, printers, TV’s, dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, dryers, stereo equipment, bedside radios, electric blankets, and monitoring devices – the list is endless.  Even the most innocent looking items such as baby monitors, and energy saving light bulbs can be contributing to and increasing the risk of life-challenging disease such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, depression, cancer etc.  Insomnia can also be a result of over- exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  In order for the body to recover we need our eight hours of sleep, but if we are deprived of sleep for whatever reason, or our bodies are continuing to be exposed to radiation while asleep, then the recovery mode is seriously challenged, and our body does not get a chance to heal in the natural way.
I no longer have an electric blanket in the house – nor do I have a microwave.  When I purchase white-ware appliances, I look for manual, turn-the dial, (not electronic, press-button) controls.  Why?  Because I used my Tri-Field meter to check out the electromagnetic field emitted from these devices and found that the manual control devices emit considerably less radiation.
When I upgraded my internet connection from dial-up to broadband, and then to fibre, I made the choice to deactivate the wireless feature of the modem, and used a cable connection to the computers for the internet. This means I do not have wifi in my home at all.

Medical Imaging

When I was about 30 years old I was sent for a hip X-ray to determine whether I had arthritis.  Much later I was told by a medical professional that if I still wanted to have children I should avoid any further X-rays in the pelvic region.  I was struck by the ease and casualness with which I was sent for an X-ray, and in contrast the enormity of the possible consequences.  Why was I not warned of these consequences by my doctor in the first place?

Now days, if ever I need, I mean really need, an X-ray, I take along one of my radiation protection products to harmonize the energy so that it is not harmful to my body. (See below for details about products).

Now that I am older I refuse the routine mammogram to detect cancer. Is it not x-rays which cause cancer?  I would much rather use quality nutrition, and other natural health remedies (including vitamin D supplements) to reduce the risk of cancer. Also I would never accept radiation as part of cancer treatment.   Here is an interesting article:   Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging

 Reducing Exposure To Electro-Magnetic Radiation

Here are a few procedures that I have put into use in my home in the past. 
  • Never sleep with head against a wall with an electrical device on the other side of the wall.... Computer, TV, Power Mains outside meter box, etc.
  • Turn off power to bedrooms at the switch board before going to sleep – turn on again in the morning.  (Sleeping time is healing time)
  • Keep your body as far away from electrical devices as possible when in use.
  • Turn off the switch and pull the plug to all electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Have your energy saving light bulbs checked for radiation.
  • Avoid living in a house close to high tension power lines
  • Reduce the number of electrical devices in the home
  • Ground yourself daily - take your shoes and socks off and walk on the grass/soil/sand barefoot for up to 20 minutes.
 An Easier Solution

For peace of mind, I purchased Radiation Protection Products These products are a one off investment and never need recharging. They reduce the harmful effects of radiation by up to 95%
Pyramid Energy Balancer.  One is enough to protect your whole home or office.
RadiSafe cell phone button – one for each cell phone.
Nu Me pendant – to wear when out and about.
KiBal energy balancer for car keys or school bags for children
...And many more options.

There is a wide range of products available at Life Energy Designs  a reputable New Zealand company.  If you are looking for protection, I recommend you read the information on their web site, and check out their products.  When purchasing, get a 10% discount by entering the code DHC in the discount code box.

Happy Healing,

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