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Coping With Chemical Poisoning from Heated Rubber

Heated Rubber Mats

About a month ago I smelled a “burning rubber” toxic smell that was penetrating the house during the most recent surge of high temperatures.  At first I had no idea where it was coming from, but about two weeks later, I realized that the culprit was the pretty rubber mats that I had put at our front door.  They had softened in the heat and partially melted.  They were exposed to hot sun for much of the day and were giving off nasty toxins which were wafting in through the open ranch slider.

There seems to be no end to the number of toxic substances in our world these days.  One can scarcely avoid them.  There is no shortage of harmful viruses, bacteria, and other microbes, as well as toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, in our homes on the land, in our food, various medications, and many other sources.

Once these toxins have made contact with our body, we are at risk of becoming unwell because of the damage done to the immune system.  Many forms of cancer are linked to chemical exposure over an extended period.  I am particularly sensitive to chemicals.  My immune system suffers, and my body really struggles to expel the toxin.  I’m not sure why this is, except to suppose that way back, while growing up on a farm, and being exposed to agricultural chemicals, by body became overwhelmed, and my liver was compromised.

I also believe that some hereditary weakness has come down through the family lines – a lesser ability of my body to cope with toxic substances.   I believe this is one of the conditions connected to families with autism, where a toxic overload can result in autistic type conditions.

With regards to the rubber mat that gave off the toxic fumes in my home, it only became a problem once it caught the very hot summer sun. It was no problem over the winter or even during mid-summer while the sun was so high in the sky that the mat was shaded by the overhanging roof. 
However a lesson has been learnt and I will no longer buy rubber mats for my front door, but will use a more natural broom type product.

I also recently bought a rubber floor mat for my car and have had it outside for about 6 weeks to air off the toxins, however it STILL smells.  I have now decided I will NOT use it, as the car also heats up on a hot day.  Another issue I have had over past years is rubber hot water bottles. Of course we use them hot... and they too smell nasty. I usually put the new hot water bottles out in the breeze to blow off the toxins, but they too, still smell.  I don’t know what chemicals they are using in rubber manufacturing these days, but I don’t remember these smells from my childhood.


How the Toxins from the Heated Rubber Door Mat Affected Me.

 About the time that I smelled burning rubber from the mat at the front door, I noticed that I lost my sense of balance. It was as though I struggled to walk in a straight line...similar to what one might expect if one were drunk.  I instinctively knew that my balance problem was the result of toxins in the brain, and I took extra Co Q10 Omega 3 supplements.   After a day or two the symptoms wore off. I also noticed a slight but prolonged memory loss.  At this point I still did not realize that the fumes were coming from the mat.
About 2 weeks after the toxic fumes began I caught the flu.  My immune system had been damaged. Recovery has been unusually long and slow. At first I was surprised that I had got sick at all since prior to that I had been very healthy and fit.

As a consequence, my health and productivity has been affected for at least 6 weeks.  In hindsight I probably should have realized the danger before I bought the mat. But despite all efforts to avoid toxins there will always be something that we miss.  I will definitely treat this as a learning experience, and will be very careful of rubber in the future.

     Ways I am Supporting My Body’s Healing Process
     I am working through a safe and gentle detoxification process

Here's What I Did

I began by increasing the amount of clean, whole raw food, that I ate and increased my intake of wheat grass juice, as I had slackened off  a bit. I also avoided processed food as much as possible.

     I was more vigilant about the amount of clean water I drank, and made sure that I had about 3 litres per day.

    The next step was to use an appropriate detoxification program, and I commenced a further course of Bio-Cleanse foot bath detoxification.  I also used doTERRA  Zendocrine, the essential oil Detoxification Blend, and continued with Geranium to support the liver.

       I am also considering a visit to a colonic clinic to eliminate any toxic material that may have accumulated in the colon.

Three things to Focus on, to Protect the Body Cells from Toxic Substances
Toxins are less likely to be able to penetrate the cells of the body if all three of the following requirements are met:
ü  The cells are fed sufficient nutrients (eat high- nutrient food)
ü  The cells are fully hydrated (drink full measure of water every day)
ü  The cells are rich in oxygen (get plenty of exercise and improve efficiency of lungs and heart)

Things we can do to Reduce Toxins in our Home and Environment.

Toxins are all around us, and if we do the best that we can in avoiding them, our efforts WILL make a difference.

      1.    Become aware of the problem, research, and assess the risk in our own environment.

      2.    Learn of the types of things that can cause problems. The list is so long that it would fill many pages, however we should consider the following groups of items:
·         The food we eat
·         The water we drink
·         Food containers, especially plastics
·         Cooking utensils, especially when heated.
·         Cosmetics and personal care items including perfumes and  hair products
·         Household cleaning products
·         Aerosol products
·         Moulds and mildew
·         Medications and vaccinations
·         Home building materials, including paints and varnishes.
·         Home furnishings
·         Art products including inks, paints, glues, permanent markers, etc
·         Exhaust from home gas heaters, and smoke from fireplaces
·         Car and truck exhausts
·         Garden and horticultural sprays
·         Industrial wastes
·         Work environment, and other occupational risks

      3.    Take action.  Make a start. Stop using, and stop buying items of concern, and replace with items of a more natural and safer nature. Clean up our diet. Turn our home and garden into a toxic free environment. This will take time, so take small steps, and keep working at it. We probably won’t ever achieve a 100% toxic free home; however every step we take will make a difference.

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