Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Healing is Like a House Renovation.

I liken "healing the body" to doing a "house renovation" - you can't rely on just one material or one person to do the whole job...

When doing a house renovation, there is a process of many steps and many skills: Beginning with the decision to make a change, we then need a vision (or goal), a plan, materials, and labour.  We also need commitment, knowledge, communication, time and patience. 

 A plumber, electrician and landscape gardener each have their own area of expertise, and we wouldn’t hire just one of them to do the whole renovation. Also we would not consider using just one material to renovate our house. Wall board, carpet, and roofing materials all have their own purpose.

In the same way we should consider more than one practitioner to help us improve our health. A medical doctor, massage therapist, osteopath, energy healer, and hypnotherapist all have their own area of expertise. 
Also we would not rely on just one remedy to heal us. Herbal or homeopathic medicine, Pilates workouts, mind and brain exercises, EMF radiation protection products, Meditation and Creative Visualization, essential oils, all have their own particular purpose.

A change to a healthier diet and increasing water consumption can result in a major improvement in our health, however we should also consider how to reduce stress, eliminate toxins, deal with viruses and bacteria, and support our mental health.

Just as a house renovation takes time, we can't expect to regain our whole health overnight. In fact, improving our health is probably more about an ongoing change in habits, lifestyle and mindset as well as the consistent use of healing aids.

Just as a whole house renovation can be divided into a series of small steps, so can our health makeover be divided into a step by step process of remedies, practitioner therapies, and personal life changes.

Regular maintenance is very important in protecting our house against damage or decay. When it comes to our health, good nutrition, hydration, exercise, positive thinking, and regular detoxification, are essentials for good health.
Also we should not underestimate the importance of the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects – things such as understanding our purpose, our feeling of self worth, positive attitude,  love for others, and willingness to give service, - all these are vital in maintaining our good health and well-being.

Most of all we need to accept responsibility for ensuring that all things are done in a manner which is in harmony with our needs.

Happy Healing!

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